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My Apple Tree

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Under construction.
Yes, this site is still under construction, im sorry lonely interested visitor, but im not the kindof person who can build a site in a split second. I'll try to put something on it for now so you can get an idea about how it's gonna look..

that's me..
Hello ya'll this is me, an Art (with capital A) student born in 1984 in Nijmegen (google it if you don't know it). At this time im not able to tell more about myself, but if you have suggestions I suggest you to go to the "contact me" link which im gonna fix now..

What's new?
I'll tell you what's new.... this entire site is new, and still under construction until I finally figured out what the hell I can do out here. But as a newly born nerd I can definedly say... (?) ... glad to be here online!

18/03/2006 the first day of my own website, am I proud? allright, I'll give my pride a chance, but just a little one we shouldn't make it too easy..

Please get in touch with any comments or reactions to my site.