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My Apple Tree

Scrap corner

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Here are sketches of all kinds, things I find interesting, but have no particular value on their own.. just fun to make and to look at. And don't mind the corny picture frames, at least that makes them look like something.


I call this one the bunnycat, I think it's a selfportrait, but it was not ment to be. It is anyways, so, I'll just let it be.

Jezus is black

This i made on a bored evening, I like to skateboard, cuz it is dangerous and it redefines the things u use to do your thing. I think it made me think of Jezus walking over water, now, the motherfucker would have been a skater and wouldn't have even thought about starting his own religion.

2 pretty tourists

Okay, I like tourists, but girls also, so, girls who are tourists.. are awesome. But not only the girls who are tourists are awesome, also the space in between is interesting..

been put in the picture

This is a vacation picture as I like to see them, lot's of tourists looking at something the same way as they look at something else. Here I sat underneath one of those things tourists like to look at and this time it was like that thing looked back at the tourists. By the way, I love tourists, they are so shallow!! (im also)