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My Apple Tree

Look at it from this side

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There are numerous names for it; blog, weblog, column and others in which I see no reason to remind them.. Anyways here's mine:


hello! this is the first time i post anything on the web, and am getting itchy already. a long time i've been able to camoflage my nerdnes, but a certain somebody discovered my hidden-nerd-nature and it would be useless to what will be written here? well... probably it will be about me, the things i see and do, there will be some opinion about politics and the way the world turns and never to forget, for an intellectual flavour maybe a little philosophical nonsense because that's what we all need when we are worried about the way the world turns. maybe all of this won't be thru, but at least there will be letters on screen to fill up this page.. ow well... that will be enough for today, cuz i gotto get used to it slowly..